Each state has its own policies and procedures regarding car accidents, especially when it comes to personal-injury claims and insurance. It is important to understand how the state you live in or are travelling through handles the concept of fault in the event of a collision.

Generally speaking, there are two insurance systems in the United States: fault and no-fault. South Carolina follows the fault car insurance system, and if you suffer injuries or property damage in the state, it is crucial that you understand how to proceed with claiming damages from the negligent driver.

If you find the information pertaining to car accident claims confusing, it may be beneficial for you to contact an experienced Greenville personal-injury lawyer. A personal-injury lawyer can look through the specific circumstances of your case and establish the best way for you to proceed.

It may be possible that you have a valid claim for medical expenses and lost wages against the negligent driver, but without expertise guiding you, it is easy to make mistakes during the legal process. At the Churdar Law Firm, we have achieved successful outcomes in a wide range of injury cases. Call us today at 864-233-0203 to find out how we can help, and read on for more information regarding the insurance system in South Carolina.

South Carolina’s Tort System

South Carolina relies on the tort system to determine who will compensate accident victims, according to South Carolina Legislature. This means that the person whom a judge determines was legally at fault for the accident is liable for the damages he or she caused. In most situations, the at-fault driver’s car insurance company will pay for the damages, assuming he or she had adequate coverage.

Here are three ways that most car accident victims claim back funds:

1. Own Insurance

According to the South Carolina Department of Insurance, many people choose to claim compensation through their own insurance provider. In these cases, the insurance provider will typically claim the equivalent amount from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

2. At-Fault Driver’s Insurance

Some drivers choose to file their claim directly with the negligent driver’s insurance company.

3. Personal-Injury Lawsuit

A common way to claim damages from the negligent driver is to file a personal-injury lawsuit against the negligent driver through the South Carolina civil court. A personal-injury lawyer can examine the details and determine how best to proceed given the circumstances surrounding the case.

If you sustained injuries in a car crash and you are looking for compensation for medical expenses or lost wages, contact a Greenville accident attorney for advice. An experienced attorney can examine the facts and work with you to determine if you have a valid claim.

At the Churdar Law Firm, we have extensive experience in personal-injury and accident law, and we are committed to helping people who have suffered injuries at the hands of someone else. Call us at 864-233-0203 to schedule an appointment to speak with a professional today.

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