Truck crashes are a significant issue across the United States, and serious truck accidents injure thousands of people every year. According to the US Department of Transportation, 3,921 people died in 2012 with 104,000 sustaining injuries in serious truck crashes.

Because there are more cars than trucks on the road, there are fewer truck accidents than car accidents; however, the nature of large trucks means that even though they account for fewer crashes, they often cause much more property damage and injuries. There are countless causes of collisions, but there are a few trends that indicate how most truck accidents occur. Keeping these trends in mind may help you avoid an accident in the future.

If you sustained injuries in a truck crash, you could be facing steep medical bills, time off work and devastating physical repercussions. A Greenville personal-injury attorney may be able to help.

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Here are three common causes of serious truck accidents:

1. Driver Error

Most truck drivers are skilled professionals trained in defensive driving techniques and accident prevention measures. In spite of this, driver error is one of the most common causes of serious truck accidents, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Driver error covers a wide range of circumstances but include fatigue, distractions, inattention and innocent mistakes.

2. Weather Conditions

Poor driving conditions cause a significant portion of truck accidents across the United States. Rain, snow and ice will significantly increase the stopping distance of large trucks, and many drivers fail to take this into account. Unlike cars, trucks are not particularly maneuverable, and poor conditions can further restrict their ability to avoid hazards and obstacles.

3. Cargo Loading

The FMCSA has strict cargo securement rules in order to reduce accidents caused by loaded goods. An imbalanced truck is difficult to control and a hazard on the road, and falling cargo causes devastating collisions every year.

As a regular road user, it may be difficult to avoid truck accidents, but being aware of the most common causes and practicing defensive driving techniques may reduce the chances of being involved in a serious crash. If you do sustain injuries in a collision with a truck, there is a possibility that you may be able to recover damages associated with medical expenses and lost income.

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