Accidents with large trucks or tractor-trailers can be catastrophic. The sheer size and weight of these vehicles mean that even minor collisions have the potential to cause fatalities and serious injuries.

According to the South Carolina Department of Transport, there are more than 70 fatal truck and tractor-trailer accidents in the state each year. Although truck accidents are less common than those involving other vehicles, all drivers should understand how to avoid these collisions.

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Defensive Driving Can Prevent Tractor-Trailer Accidents 

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, defensive driving can reduce the number of serious truck accidents. Here are three suggestions for preventing these collisions:

1. Pay Special Attention to Trucks

Large trucks operate very differently compared to other vehicles. The size of the truck affects the driver’s ability to take evasive action and brake to avoid obstacles. It is also difficult and dangerous for a truck driver to change lanes suddenly.

As a driver of a regular vehicle, you should always keep a safe following distance between your car and the truck. If you need to pass a truck, be sure to initiate the overtake from a point where the truck driver can see you – not after driving in the truck’s blind spot. Also, avoid driving alongside a truck whenever possible.

2. Do Not Drive in Poor Weather Conditions

It is important to be especially vigilant when driving in poor weather. Truck drivers may have reduced visibility in rain or fog, which could prevent them from seeing your vehicle. When driving alongside a truck in poor weather conditions, pay careful attention to the truck’s turn signals and brake lights, and allow yourself enough time to get out the way if the driver does not see you.

3. Pull the Entire Vehicle off the Highway

It is dangerous to stop your car on a highway or alongside a busy road, but if you have no choice but to pull over, make sure your entire car is off the roadway. If your vehicle is still partly in the road, the truck driver may not notice you are stationary until it is too late.

If the roadway is too narrow, pull off as far as you can, and leave the vehicle. Attempt to provide warning to oncoming traffic further up the road – preferably with a warning triangle.

Even the most cautious drivers cannot control the actions of other road users. If you have suffered an injury due to a truck driver’s negligence, call the Churdar Law Firm at 864-233-0203. Greenville accident attorney Doug Churdar can evaluate your case to determine if you may have a legitimate claim.