Cars these days come with a wide range of safety features. From Electronic Stability Control to Lane Departure Warnings, this new technology can help drivers and their families avoid serious accidents.

Though car safety is improving, nobody can control the actions of a reckless or negligent driver. If you were in a crash and you suffered injuries, contact the Churdar Law Firm.

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In the meantime, read on to learn about the latest vehicle safety features that are saving lives in 2015:

Assessing the Safety of a Vehicle

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, most new cars include safety technology that fulfills the requirements of the 5-Star Safety Ratings System. These ratings include evaluations of basic safety equipment, and as of 2011, they also consider a range of cutting-edge technology that is proven to improve vehicle safety.

There are two broad fields of safety equipment in modern cars: crash avoidance and crash protection technologies. Read on to learn which features fall into each category:

Crash Avoidance Technology

While airbags and seatbelts can prevent injuries and save lives during an accident, crash avoidance technologies can help prevent crashes in the first place. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has a database of cars that feature crash avoidance technologies, which include:

·       Electronic Stability Control: ESC automatically improves the car’s stability and control.

·       Lane Departure Warning: LDW is new technology that alerts the driver if he or she drifts into another lane. LDW monitors lane markings on the road, and it is particularly important for long-distance travelling.

·       Forward Collision Warning: FCW helps detect vehicles ahead, and can warn drivers of upcoming obstacles and potential collisions.

Crash Protection Technology

According to, crash protection technology may prevent fatalities or injuries in the event of an accident. Most cars have a variety of crash protection features that come standard. These include side airbags and curtains, safety belts, head restraints and front airbags.

Although this equipment comes standard in most vehicles, it is important to make sure it meets the requirements of the NHTSA’s safety guidelines. Your car dealer can provide proof of the ratings upon request.

Despite these features, serious accidents still happen. These can leave victims with expensive medical bills and long-term physical disabilities. In some cases, those involved in a collision cannot return to work, which can jeopardize their financial security.

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