If you have experienced a serious car accident, then you already know that the recovery process can be exhausting and expensive. Even a minor collision can leave you with debilitating injuries that take many years to heal, regardless of the quality of your medical care.

While the treatment and recovery processes may seem overwhelming, there are several avenues you can explore to alleviate some of the financial pressures. One of these is personal injury protection, and it exists to help injury victims cover the costs of car accident injuries.

If you were in a crash and are struggling to pay for medical bills, contact the Churdar Law Firm. A Greenville accident attorney can look through the circumstances of your accident and determine if you may have valid grounds for a claim against the negligent driver. Call us today at 864-233-0203 to schedule an appointment, and read on to learn how personal injury protection can help in the state of South Carolina:

The Benefits of Personal Injury Protection

According to The Department of Motor Vehicles and Highway Safety, personal injury protection is a form of insurance that covers expenses you may incur because of a car accident. In many states, people call this insurance “no-fault” coverage because it does not matter who caused the collision. If you have this insurance and meet the policy requirements, then the insurance company should pay for your accident-related medical expenses regardless of fault.

PIP policies vary according to state laws and requirements. In general, they can cover medical expenses, lost wages and even funeral costs. Your provider can inform you of which incidences and expenses your policy covers.

It is also possible to use certain personal injury protection policies in multiple states. This may be beneficial if you regularly travel across state boundaries.

Minimum Insurance Requirements Vary among States

Many states require motorists to take out personal injury insurance policies. This, however, is not the case in South Carolina. South Carolina Laws do not mandate that drivers must have personal injury protection, but you should still consider purchasing it.

Many people believe that if they do not cause an accident, they will not incur any expenses. While there are several ways to pursue damages following a car accident, it is often useful to have a backup plan such as PIP.

Civil lawsuits take time to resolve, and if you do recover costs from the negligent driver, you will still be able to keep settlement amounts and use your PIP coverage to pay for medical bills. It is a relatively cheap addition to your regular insurance policy, and it will give you extra peace of mind when you are on the road.

If you were in a car crash or have questions about an accident claim, call the Churdar Law Firm today at 864-233-0203. Even if you have an existing PIP insurance policy, a Greenville personal-injury lawyer can meet with you to determine if you may have valid grounds for an accident claim.