For most Americans, Labor Day weekend is a time to sit back and relax with friends and family. While most celebrations occur without incident, many people sustain serious injuries during the holiday weekend.

According to, there is a marked increase in head and spine injuries during the summer, including on Labor Day weekend. Many of these result from preventable accidents, but a bit of caution can save you from spending Labor Day in the emergency room.

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1. Fireworks

According to the National Safety Council, festive fireworks cause thousands of injuries each year. In 2006, more than 9,000 people sustained fireworks-related injuries, and more than one-third were children under the age of 15.

While fireworks are a great way to celebrate a holiday, it is important to remember that they can be incredibly dangerous. Never re-light a firework that malfunctions, and make sure children do not handle fireworks at any time.

2. Boating Accidents

Labor Day is a holiday that is synonymous with the end of summer, and many people spend it on the water. Boating accidents are common during the long weekend, and it is important to exercise caution if you intend on spending the day on the water. provides several useful boating safety tips for your Labor Day excursion.

3. Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is responsible for thousands of serious injuries over holiday weekends every year. Many people consume vast quantities of alcohol when they have time off, but experts caution that the best approach is to do so in moderation. Drinking not only affects your health in the long-term, but it can also impair your immediate judgment and coordination, which can result in a serious accident.

4. Car Crashes

The most serious incidents that occur over Labor Day weekend typically involve cars. Holiday traffic can be a nightmare, and it is important to exercise caution if you are driving for long distances.

Avoid consuming any alcohol before you depart, and make sure your car is in suitable condition for the road if you are going out of town. Take your vehicle to a mechanic for a routine service check if you are unsure.

Even the most cautious drivers can get into accidents, especially on holiday weekends. It is simply impossible to control the actions of other motorists.

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