Your children are the most precious cargo you will ever carry, and while there are several ways to prevent accidents, some collisions are simply unavoidable. If you or a loved one was the victim of another driver’s negligence, then a personal-injury lawyer may be able to help.

In 2013, car crashes in the United States caused more than 120,000 injuries to children below the age of 12, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Fortunately, there are steps that parents can take to keep their children safe while on the road.

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In the meantime, read on to learn how to choose a child seat:

Finding the Right Seat for Your Child’s Needs

There is no one-size-fits-all car seat. According to, drivers with infants have two general options: They can purchase an infant carrier that clicks into a stroller, or they can buy a convertible seat that fits permanently in the vehicle.

If you choose to go with an infant seat, then it should always face the rear of the vehicle. Also, the shoulder straps must be at the baby’s shoulder level or just below.

Use the Pinch Test

Another important step is to make sure the harness is tight enough to remove any excess or slack material. Use the pinch test to check if the fit is correct.

This requires you to use your thumb and index finger to pinch the webbing on the strap where it lies on the baby’s shoulder. If you can gather material between your thumb and finger, then it is too loose.

Shop Around

Prepare to shop around for the best possible car seat for your child. Inspect the options carefully; take them off the shelf and examine how the adjustment straps work. Pull the harness tight, and make sure you know how it will fit your baby.

If you are unsure about how the child seat works, then ask a store employee for a demonstration. Also, make sure it will fit the make and model of your vehicle.

These are just a few ways that parents can keep their children safe while on the road. You can also lead by example by always wearing your seatbelt. Never speed or break traffic laws, and if you have a young teen who is learning to drive, then vocalize what you are doing behind the wheel and why.

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