Car accident injuries can range from minor bruising to permanent paralysis. They can alter every facet of a victim’s life – from hobbies to work and even family relationships.

Most people underestimate the devastation of a collision until they experience one firsthand. Steep medical bills and lost income can lead to overwhelming debt. Fortunately, victims may be able to recover compensation from the at-fault party that helps them cover their financial losses.

Securing compensation, however, is rarely a straightforward process. As the South Carolina Legislature explains, insurance companies often deny claims, forcing victims to take legal action to recover damages.

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In the meantime, read on to learn five mistakes that can weaken your claim after a collision:

1. Not Calling the Police

If possible, you should contact the police immediately after a collision. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, having a police report may improve your chances of receiving a fair payout from the insurance company. This report can help you demonstrate that the other driver was liable for the incident.

2. Ignoring Witnesses

Witness testimonies may prove invaluable to your claim. Bystanders often notice important details that traumatized parties fail to see. They may help you prove that the other driver was responsible. Be sure to collect contact details from witnesses such as their names, phone numbers and email addresses.

3. Making Statements without Legal Counsel

Recorded statements to insurance adjusters can ruin your chances of recovering compensation. It is in the insurance company’s best interests to pay as little as possible. If you unknowingly admit fault, then you may wind up paying for property damage and medical bills out of your own pocket. This is why you should consult an attorney before providing a recorded statement to your insurance provider.

4. Using Insurance Money for Other Expenses

If the insurance provider accepts your claim for property damage, then it is imperative that you use the money to fix your car. If you neglect to do this – even if you use the money to pay medical bills – then the adjuster may argue that the damage was not significant enough to injure you seriously, casting doubt on your claim.

5. Signing a Release

Signing a general release is one of the biggest mistakes you can make after a car accident. Doing so will release the insurance company from its responsibility to compensate you.

There are different releases, such as injury, death or property damage. A general release includes all of this. After signing a general release, you cannot claim compensation. Never sign documents without knowing exactly what they are.

The aftermath of an accident may be nerve racking, but it is critical that you remain calm. One oversight could compromise your ability to recover the compensation that you deserve.

If you were injured due to another driver’s negligence in South Carolina, then contact the Churdar Law Firm. Doug Churdar is a Greenville car accident lawyer who can handle the legal side of your claim so you can focus on physical recovery. Call 864-233-0203 to schedule a consultation.