Car crashes cause more than 35 percent of all injuries to the spinal cord, according to Mayo Clinic. The spine is particularly vulnerable in a wreck, but these injuries are often subtle and difficult to notice until several hours or days after a collision.

After an accident, your first priority is to seek medical attention. If possible, gather as much evidence as possible at the scene. Take photographs, record the insurance and contact information of other drivers, and gather eyewitness phone numbers. Finally, contact a car accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.

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Here are four common spinal injuries in car crashes:

1. Whiplash

Victims of rear-end accidents often require treatment for whiplash. The force of the crash can snap your head back and forth suddenly. In a front-end collision, the headrest usually prevents this. Whiplash symptoms are generally evident within 24 hours and include the following:

·       Stiff neck;

·       Pain in the neck;

·       Headaches originating from the base of the skull;

·       Fatigue;

·       Blurred vision;

·       Dizziness;

·       Memory issues;

·       Tinnitus;

·       Trouble concentrating;

·       Irritability;

·       And difficulty sleeping.

2. Spine Fractures

According to Disabled World, car wreck victims often suffer compression fractures, particularly in the lower and middle back. If the impact throws the upper body forward while a seatbelt secures the lower body, it could pull apart the vertebrae, possibly severing the spinal cord.

Never move someone with a back injury. Paramedics will immobilize him or her with a backboard and neck collar before transportation the victim to the hospital.

If you suffer a spine fracture, then you will probably feel immense pain that worsens with movement. Other symptoms include:

·       Numbness;

·       Tingling;

·       Weakness;

·       And loss of bowel and bladder control.

3. Spondylolisthesis

Spondylolisthesis happens when a stress fracture shifts a vertebra out of position. The disoriented bone will press on nerves and narrow the spinal column.

This can cause numbness and pain, and it can make walking difficult or create weakness in the leg or buttock. Some people never notice any symptoms; others experience them years after a collision.

4. Herniated Disc

Discs in the spine act as shock absorbers, and they can herniate in a car wreck. A small crack on the outside of a disc can allow its softer center to push through, which can aggravate the surrounding nerves.

Depending on where the herniated disc is on the spine, you may notice leg or arm pain. There may also be weakness in affected areas, numbness or tingling.

How to Sue for a Car Accident in Greenville, South Carolina

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