The head and neck are particularly vulnerable in a car accident. Even a minor crash can cause serious injuries.

Brain trauma can be particularly difficult to treat, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car accidents contribute to more than 14 percent of all brain injuries in the United States. Many victims face lengthy recovery periods; some cannot return to work or resume their active lifestyles.

Brain injuries vary in severity. According to WebMD, your top priority after a collision is to seek medical attention. Fast treatment may be the difference between life and death, or the difference between living with a disability and making a full recovery.

Unfortunately, treatment for a brain injury is usually expensive. It often involves months of rehabilitation and multiple surgeries. If your injury was the result of another driver’s negligence, then he or she may be responsible for covering these losses.

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Here is an overview of four brain injuries that are common in car crashes:

1. Contusions

Contusions are bruises on the brain that sometimes require surgery to treat. A powerful knock to the head can cause a contusion, and in a car wreck, the head is susceptible to contact with the steering wheel, windshield and side window.

2. Concussions

Most people dismiss the seriousness of concussions, but these can indicate severe brain damage. You can suffer a concussion from one strong blow to the head. In most cases, there is not an open wound when a concussion occurs so many patients think they are fine.

Concussions cause blood vessels within the brain to stretch. This can damage nerves. The majority of concussions do not cause lasting problems, but if symptoms get worse, brain damage can become permanent. Go to your doctor immediately if you notice persistent disorientation or dizziness.

3. Debris Penetration

Broken pieces of metal, glass shards and plastic projectiles can cause devastating injuries. If an object penetrates the brain, then the victim will need immediate surgery.

The surgeon must remove the object from the brain and stop the bleeding. In serious cases, patients may suffer paralysis or a permanent disability from a brain penetration injury.

4. Diffuse Axonals

Diffuse axonals occur due to acceleration and deceleration, which can cause the brain to move back and forth within the skull. This can cause blood vessels and nerves inside the brain to tear, as well as internal bleeding and the loss of certain brain functions. Diffuse axonal is a leading cause of death for patients who suffer traumatic brain injuries.

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