How Can You Reduce the Risk of Getting into a Drunk Driving Accident on New Year’s Eve?

It wouldn’t be a New Year’s Eve party without popping the cork off a bottle of champagne and toasting everyone in attendance. Although there is nothing wrong with ringing in 2018 over a few cocktails with friends, those who fail to do so responsibly and then drive themselves home afterward [...]

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5 Safety Tips for Cyclists

In states like South Carolina, where the weather is fairly temperate year-round, motorists can expect to see cyclists riding on the road beside them often. Although there are a lot of advantages of pedaling whenever you can, there is one major drawback, and that’s the risk of serious injury should a collision occur. […]

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What Kinds of Road Hazards Should You Look for When Traveling on Thanksgiving Weekend?

No one looks forward to traveling around the holidays, but doing so is essentially unavoidable if you want to spend quality time with your loved ones. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest travel days of the year, and as a result, motorists everywhere have a higher risk of getting into a fatal collision over the [...]

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How Do Weather, Day, and Time Affect Motorcycle Safety?

Most motorcycle riders in South Carolina would agree that now is the perfect time of year for hitting the road. The temperature has dropped just enough that you can don all the essential safety gear without sweating, but it is not so cold that your knuckles freeze on the handlebars during long rides. […]

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Man Faces DUI Charges after Causing Fatal Collision

According to FOX Carolina, a 30-year-old man who allegedly caused a fatal collision earlier this month is now facing felony charges for driving under the influence. State troopers claim the man was heading south on I-385 in Greenville County when he rear-ended a Saab that was traveling in the same direction. […]

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5 Safety Tips for Driving Through Heavy Rain

According to The Post and Courier, South Carolina’s hurricane season starts on June 1 and lasts until November. Forecasters are already calling for a more active storm system this fall, so residents should prepare for frequent downpours and heavy winds. […]

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Car Accident Lawyer Offers 9 Tips for Safer Night Driving Greenville

Most people do not enjoy driving after sunset. The roads are more dangerous at night than during the day, according to Forbes. Night blindness, low visibility, animals on the roads, drunk drivers and other hazards can contribute to serious accidents. Although three-quarters of traffic is out during the day, more than half of driving fatalities happen at night.

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